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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Dreamer

I've always loved art.  Not just admiring it (though I do) - creating it.  Yet, I've only ever tiptoed into a few of it's different sorts:  welding, painting, drawing, photography, floral arranging, writing, designing.  Perhaps it's an insecurity ... no ... it is an insecurity.  While on the one hand, art is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore, what I claim as art is, in fact, art ... I want other beholders to view it as such as well.  While on the one hand, I love creating ... why would I create something that no one wanted?

But I'm too old to not do what I love doing just because I fear that some may not find it beautiful.  After all, everyone has different tastes; I, for one, certainly don't find even all world-renowned art aesthetically pleasing.  So, from hence forth, I shall create because I enjoy it, not because others might.  Am I an artist?  No ... but I'm someone who plays with art, who creates artsy things, and who claims art as my own.  I may not be a photographer, but I can take pictures.  I may not be a painter, but I can put paint on paper.  I may not be a designer, but I can arrange things to my liking.  After all ... I enjoy it.

So on this blog, I will, at times, display my aesthetic; and, because it is my blog, it is art ... because I claim it as such.

So for now ... paint:

Avocado Half:  Acrylic on Canvas
For Mama 

Skull and Flower: Acrylic on Canvas Paper
For Jared

Hummingbird:  Acrylic on Canvas and Tissue Paper
For Jared

So, I ask you?  What fear are you saying "no" to now?  What will you do despite it?

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