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Hey!  My name is Adeline Joann Mills.  I am a daughter of God, the wife of Jared, and a daughter, sister, and companion to a great family and lots of friends.  I am the financial director of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Georgia as well as a personal trainer.  I am also an eclectic and by nature bored personality; therefore I seek to fill my life with many interests and hobbies.  And I love to write.

In addition, my grandfather's last name was Woolf and my grandmother is part Cherokee, the wolf tribe; therefore, my mother, sister, and I have really embraced (though not literally) the animal.  I have wolf art in my home, wolf clothing, a wolf tattoo, and now:  a wolf blog!  I am, naturally, a restless Woolf ... but for this blog:  the restless wolf.

So, combine the love of writing with my restless nature and consequential ample supply of passions, and you have this blog!

I can't wait to share and make new friends!  Please feel free to contribute and link your blog as well!

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