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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Bedroom

Who doesn't want a pretty bedroom?  I have since I was itty-bitty, and my parents were always gracious enough to let my room be my very own space to decorate.  When I was littlest, I wanted pink curtains and a lace canopy, which my mother made for me.  Then when I moved upstairs, I picked out green carpet (brave parents) and bright blue walls.  My uncle and father painted a jungle scene on one wall.  The other three were always covered with tac holes from having hung the latest posters and pictures.  Butterflies cut from colorful poster paper hung from the ceilings, and pink curtains patterned with bright frogs covered the windows.

Since, my taste has matured a bit.

But my desire to have a bedroom that I find beautiful remains the same.  My husband and I recently bought a house, and the bedroom was the first thing I tackled.  I'll give you a tour!

I wanted a mostly neutral bedroom.  Neutral never goes out of style ... at least I don't plan on it!  I love to mix and match neutral colors while using all different textures and patterns.  So I went with gray, black, white, cream, metallics, and wood tones.  The only real color that appears is in a few pictures and flowers in the wreath.  I think it would be gorgeous if the trim were black ... but that's not going to happen, haha!

 I love this mid-century modern console table.  This West Elm original was $1600 on sale for $275 at the Pottery Barn outlet in Dawsonville, Georgia.  I love furniture from all different periods and genres, so this mid-century inspired table was perfect for our collection of interesting pieces.

This picture includes both the items that I am most secure and least secure about.  I knew I wanted my wedding dress on display, so I bought a mannequin from Home Goods for $25.  And I love the geometric Threshold curtains from Target hung on gold curtain rods.

It's no secret that I love skulls, especially paired with organic elements to soften the "she's got a real skull in her bedroom" blow.  I've heard my ideal style called "rustic luxe" before, and this gold skull adorned with the dried flowers from my floral crown and Jared's bout are a perfect illustration of that to me.

I also love these tokens from our wedding:  our stag and wolf cake toppers.  I, for some reason, don't want wedding mementoes and pictures everywhere in the house, so I've gone crazy in the bedroom instead.  Outside of it are a few nondescript decorative items and two pictures.  But our bedroom is only ours, so we fill it with all that is us.

So ... I'm not sure about the faux flowers (doesn't faux sound so much classier than "fake?") in the wreath.  The wreath I love.  It is the raw vines of the wreath that hung over us in our wedding ceremony.  The flowers I chose are primarily greenery and ranunculus (mimicking the actual flowers in the wedding wreath), but how do I feel about faux flowers in general?  They would be easy enough to remove.  So, I wonder, how do you feel about them?

And what about this rack of pretty clothes in neutrals and metallics?  I chose it because this space of wall needed something large, and I didn't want to spend any more money on furniture ... but I'm not sure that a $20 rack from Bed, Bath, and Beyond was the answer.  In fact, Jared is sure that it isn't!  I've seen this concept done well on Pinterest.  But I'm not sure I pull it off here.  What should I replace it with?

 On the other hand, my nightstand is an old end table from Goodwill that I painted black and cream stripes on.  A simple succulent, a modern lamp, and a gold airplane in honor of my grandfather are all it needs.

Jared's end table ... is tiny.  All that fits on this Target piece is a small frame and this AMAZING ram's skull lamp from Home Goods.  But he only uses it for his glasses, so nothing more is needed!

Finally, my beautiful dove gray velvet headboard form Grandin Road goes beautifully with this Antrhopologie bedspread that I got off of EBay.  I love the gray and cream together, and I especially love that they were both at reduced prices!

What is your favorite room in your house?  And what does it look like?  What design concept from your past, on the other hand, are you glad to be rid of?


  1. Very unique, different and personal. It makes the room your own. I love it!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging and thanks for paying mine a visit! Beautiful bedroom, I especially love your headboard and bedding!

    1. Thank you so much Bri! Your blog is great! I will certainly visit regularly!

  3. So ever since I read this post a couple weeks ago I've had that pottery Barn Outlet on my mind, haha :)

    I'm about 4 hours away from Atlanta and we are heading that way a couple times this fall.... so I'm curious (1) do they always carry product from west elm? or is it typically just pottery barn? and (2) are the deals usually that big? Like your $1600 piece for $275 or was that a really lucky find?


    1. Yes! It was so great! First of all, I've only ever been once so I don't have that much info, BUT, my friend, Kristen, tells me that they do normally carry West Elm pieces. They aren't really labeled as such though; I just happened to see the original West Elm price tag. Secondly, I think that was a pretty abnormal find. They always have great prices, but from what I've heard, I got lucky as well! But, apparently on Black Friday they always have prices like that. I'm pondering making the trip for Black Friday this year!

    2. Oooo Black Friday would be fun, I'm sure!

      Thanks so much for your reply! That is really helpful.