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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Attempt

This is another attempt at art.  If I am not something - it is a photographer.  I have no schooling, formal or informal.  I have no experience.  I, admittedly, know nothing about a camera.  Oh, but I have an interest ... and I have subjects I wish to capture ... memories I wish to last.  So I will learn, simply because a professional does not live with my family - cannot capture the everyday - doesn't get to see what I see.  True, it is all play for me ... but why not play?  Is a camera only to be held in the hands of a professional?  Can my eyes not see beauty as well?  I will always turn to true and talented photographers for memories so precious that I need the eye of a pro.  But I also want to capture the common.  And for that, I am here.  In painting, portraits have always been my favorite ... so I think I will begin there.  In fact, I will start with my favorite beauty - my husband, Jared.

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